Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recharging ourselves

Last night was a splurge-of sorts. We used gift money from R's mom to pay for a sitter so we could go out. Funny thing is, it was to have a mystery shopped dinner out (and the pay covered the cost of the sitter, and the meal was reimbursable). I paid cash (as was part of the requirement for the shop), but it worked out as my credit cards are in a drawer at home. The night out was great, and the report took a short time to fill out once we came home. It was definitely worth it, and R has already told me to go ahead and sign up for other dinners. I don't know if that will necessarily happen (downturn in availability of assignments), but at least I know he's open to trying new things.

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Jilse said...

That's great that you and R were able to get out without the kids for a dinner. We did the same thing on Friday night and it was great to be able to eat a meal in peace and quiet.