Thursday, February 19, 2009


Such is the life of a mom. Groceries come before post office. Diapers come before shoes (on that is, we always have enough money for shoes). And mom's jeans and socks-well, they're still on the need to buy list. Something tells me when I have three jeans, and all have made their way to the laundry pile, and while two loads have gotten washed, dried, and put away (of kids clothes and towels, I might add) and I'm left wearing comfy sweats, this does not bode well for a mom who is trying to juggle everything. Sigh. My morning coffee has not registered, but once it does, I'm on the hunt for some clothes (w/ a gift card, I might add).

Before I forget, I'm still doing the no spend challenge. After playgroup yesterday, we hit up Costco yesterday for fruit, milk, eggs, and bread (which we go through like crazy), spent under $20 for the week. It's mindblowing that we've made it 18 days through this challenge, its changed my outlook on what we have coming in, what gets used, and what is really a need vs a want.

I really need more coffee, I'm tired, and can't focus on what I really want to write today.....

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Jilse said...

Have fun shopping for socks and jeans with your giftcard. That's the best way to buy clothes, when they are free. =)

And don't feel bad. This Mommy is still in her Pajama's so you're not the only one in comfy clothes today. Although I will probably change before I take the girls outside to play later.

AND great work on the no-spend challenge!!! I am so proud of you guys!! You are inspiring me to start our own challenge. Maybe in March if I can get Mr.Man to go for it again.