Saturday, February 21, 2009


My dad applied for a great job 6 months ago. The company flew him out once (not sure if it was twice), all expenses paid, multiple conference calls, had him and girlfriend thinking about how they could pack and move their stuff 1300 miles, quickly and inexpensively. Everything went great, and then the ccompany chose another person. My dad was devestated. He finally found a job a couple of months later, for 1/4 of what he was making before, no clue how it compared to the possible income boost from the other place. And then came the news this past week.

The company that didn't hire my dad, laid off 3,000 people this week. Including the person who had interviewed my dad. Come to think of it now, my dad is relieved he didn't pack up and move so far away.

You never know when the rug will be pulled out from under you. Be prepared, as the Boy Scouts say. That's my new mantra.


Jilse said...

whoa. It is a good thing that your dad didn't get the job. Be prepared is the best mantra to have these days.

Janice said...

I am glad there is a happy ending to this one! I hope he finds another job soon though. Poor guy!