Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New challenge

So I've been away from blogging (just a wee bit), since my new obsession is Facebook-yeah, that sucked me in. Come to find a whole group of moms that I used to know in a moms group-msot with slightly older kids (maybe 1 or 2 years difference) than my own. They had disappeared from the group right when I reentered it (back when grad school was ending), and I wondered what happened to them. Mostly since I looked to them for inspiration on how to handle parenthood and my sense of self while my children grew older. Come to find, some decided to start all over-having baby #3! Seems like I was just ahead of the curve on that one, but oh well, I wanted to get through the diapers and no sleep at once, not revisit it years from now. Others went back to school, and some did both. Some are now active in their community-in causes other than playgroups and arts and crafts. I'm going to use this as a launch pad to help figure out what I want to do next, as well as give me some ideas on how to continue my no spend challenge (which is still hanging on-no credit card use or disposable income spent here!)

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