Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monterey here we come!

I am totally looking forward to this weekend. R and I have worked hard to save our money, and we've saved $120 to purchase our 12 month family pass to the Monterey Aquarium. We had been on the fence for awhile about this purchase, but given how we've commited ourselves to eating at home and our progress on cutting our debt, we decided it was time to make this wise investment.

I love how the aquarium has educational programs, and will really give us a chance to learn about our environment, in so many ways. They have a beautiful children's area (Splash Zone) which we went to when Matthew was a baby, and with my recent research, I learned they have more for school age children. We'll make both day trips and overnight trips (staying w/ family) of this. There's plenty of free activities in Monterey too (the beach, Dennis the Menace park, to name a few), and the weather is always much cooler than in the Valley or in the Bay Area. This I love hanging out near my family in San Jose, but even during the summer, I rather be cooler than warmer!

So bring on the heat Central Valley! We won't be here, lol!

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