Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer camp

Today is M's first day of summer camp. He is so thrilled to have fun with his friend, and I have to admit I'm thrilled too. I know about the fun activities the teachers have planned, trips to the high school pool, local field trips around town, lots of arts and crafts. While I love doing this stuff alone with my boys,I remember how I loved summer camp when I was M's age. M's friends are also going to camp, so he already has some familiar faces to greet him, as well as meet others that will join him next year in kindergarten.

Today also happens to be summer camp's first field trip-the high school pool. While part of me has a healthy dose of concern over how he'll do by himself with his peers and the teachers at the pool, I also know the child:staff ratio, have previously observed the teachers/pool staff at the pool (last year), and know I can drop by the pool when they're swimming to see how everything is going. I'm going to make unannounced visits, but do it from a safe distance as to not upset M (who sometimes wanted to leave preschool if he caught sight of me, but was otherwise enjoying himself). In the meantime, I labeled his belongings, and set money aside to give to his teacher for the snack bar (I'm curious to see if and what M spends money on when I'm not right next to him). Mentally I feel like this is a trial run for next fall-where I'll have to have everything labeled, M will have more responsibility with his stuff, and making choices (such as what to buy with snack money).

Its these little things that by themselves aren't noteworthy, but together indicate little by little my baby boy is growing up.

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