Monday, June 1, 2009

Month in review

As I was reviewing my posts, I realized I never wrote down our monthly goal, which was to find inexpensive (or preferably free) community and neighboorhood activities. That goal was a complete success! We had fun on a (free) trolley ride, how a picnic at a water attraction, even walked downtown and went to the library. Its the simple things that were the most fun, and gave my wallet much needed breathing room.

This month will be a buzz of inexpensive activities too. We have M's birthday party next week, and the cost was kept low this year. It won't take away from the fun, M's just looking forward to a morning playdate with his friends. We'll hit up a free attraction at the zoo that evening, it's become a family tradition. We also have plans to go berry picking at a local farm, something I found out at the farmer's market. We're going on our annual H town train trip. Finally, I obtained the summer program list from the library. There's so much free stuff to do, magicians, reptile shows, musicians, and arts and crafts. There is something to do everyday, and nothing is too far away to go! Yay for the library! All these events are inexpensive (if not free) and it'll make our dollars stretch further in these uncertain times.

The month of May brought with it longer days and warmer weather. We took advantage of both-playing outside more, cooking with fresh produce every night. We're conserving our energy usage, only running appliances after 7pm (if not in the middle of the night) and keeping the a/c turned off. We've opened windows and used our celing fans, but the cost of running those is nothing compared to the $300 bill we may have later this summer when the heat turns brutal and the a/c needs to go on.

That wraps up May-I can't wait to see what June brings!

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