Thursday, June 11, 2009

Downsizing and living well

Well, the computer finally ended its run. R and I are talked about getting another one, and we decided not to get one. There's no logical reason to add to our expenses, when having a second computer available is a luxury, a want, not a need. We're too close to ending another segment of our debt, to add this expense, it would set us back, and I rather get ahead, not stay where we're at, with a new computer by my side. We'll make do, using the laptop, backing up our items on the external hard drive. I feel fortunate to have saved our pictures on CDs, and the external hard drive-those are priceless.

We also downsized our shopping list. We went to Costco and bought diapers and bananas. We bought our weekly produce at tonight's local farmer's market, and will get our fruit when we go berry picking this weekend. I love how we've been having fresh produce every night. R found out today at his physical that he lost weight, and considering my slacks were loose, I know our food habits are definitely changing us for the better.

Last, we've decided to explore more places close to home with our friends. Someone told me about letterboxing (similar to geocaching) and there are places within a 20 minute drive for us to explore. I hope to do one of those sites next week with the boys, and put our own box out for someone to find. I'm also hoping to go to the beach next week with some moms and kids. It should make for a fun adventure.

We maybe downsizing some aspects of our lives, but its not taking away from the blessings we have.

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