Friday, June 5, 2009

Birthday plans

I'm estatic about tomorrow! I can't wait to see M's face tomorrow when he's at the party tomorrow. I decided to go with a bug/insect theme, so we're having a spider cake and (gummi) worms on dirt (crumbled cookie) cupcakes. I'm assembling it out of his sight tonight so he'll get the full suprise tomorrow. My friend has a 50% discount from a pizza place, so we're getting some yummy pizza for lunch. Complete with drinks, we're good to go. Today is about assembling the party favors, bubbles and an outdoor toy for summer play.

M's looking forward to his party too, his best friends from preschool are coming, along with a few kids that no longer go to his school. Its a family affair, so G and E will see their friends too. We have close to the same group as last time, so when we look at pictures it'll be interesting to see how everyone has gotten older and taller this year (but us parents won't age a bit, ha!) I only bring this up since as one of my friends and I scrapbooked the other day, I loved seeing in our group pictures how all our boys have changed over the years. I wonder how time will go, considering they're all going to the same school in the fall. Time will tell, the boys may grow closer over the years (us parents can hope) or they can go their own way.

The weather forecasts a 20% chance of rain, but I figure it could be scorching hot (like it was for M's birthday when he was 3) or cold and windy (like G and E's last year). It won't dampen our spirits, it'll be a morning to remember :)

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Jilse said...

It sounds like the pefect day for M. I love the bug/insect theme and the cupcakes you made. I know he's going to have a blast!! I hope that you'll post pics since we won't be there firsthand to see the party for ourselves.