Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the end

no matter what path we all take to get there, life remains truly impossible to predict and wonderfully, perfectly imperfect- Lee Woodruff.
This speaks volumes to me. I have been thinking about my value system, what I want to teach my children. I want to show them there is a woman who takes care of herself and does her best to juggle what we call life. At the same time I want to show them I can be spontaneous. I love my 'to heck w/ dinner- let's have ice cream for all!' or 'let's just see where we end up.' kind of days.

There is no perfect time for anything, not for R to go to school, me to go to work, the boys to try something new. I love the unexpected. Yet I love to preplan, What a conundrum that is. So I can hope for a balance of the two, but remain open to changing course. In that respect, I plan to once again go out of my comfort zone. I hope to be a soccer mom this fall, one that works part time outside the home, w/ R manning the fort when necessary. We'll see if this approach pans out. I want to be a woman that's a board member of a mom's group, but also one that sticks out her neck in the social work world, hoping to improve my networking skills. I want to set up a plan for myself, while this financial crisis is going on, so I don't follow in my mom's footsteps. I also want to improve how to take better care of myself so I don't have health problems like my MIL. These are my goals as I get ready to enter my 30s. Life was chaotically imperfect in my 20s, and made for some great blessings, lots of silver linings, and one hellva adventure. My 30s is a new chapter,a blank slate of sorts, ready for the scribblings of a full of life woman. Now I need to finalize how I want to end my 20s. Vegas is to welcome my 30s. Ideas?

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