Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coastal adventures

The salty air, the cool breeze, I felt it as we drove 30 min past the scent of garlic in Gilroy, leaving the heat of the Valley, Los Banos and Gilroy behind us. The coast was calling. It was perfect, the temperature dipped to the 60s in Castroville and up to 70 back in Seaside, just outside Monterey. When the sun broke through later in the afternoon, I think we hit 82. Ideal summer weather! We found parking and made our way to the aquarium. We saved a lot of money buying the membership. Instead of costing us $90 for one day admission, we purchased the year long membership for $120, which is fully tax deductible. Parking is on average $10 (or less depending on where you park), and we enjoyed the heck out of the stroll to and from the aquarium. We're going to go again, there's a lot of fun family activities nearby, some that we have not yet experienced. I'm also going to see about planning a trip w/ some other moms/kids out that way. I love knowing we have a full year, so we can see the aquarium during the changing seasons, and take advantage of special events. I'm interested in the family sleepover-but given that cost, I think we'll hold off for another time. R and I may do one of the other events, depending on if we can arrange for family to watch the kids for the day. We'll see what happens over the year. Here are some shots of the day, check out Facebook for more :)


Dana said...

Looks like a great time! :)

Jilse said...

The pictures, especially the ones from Facebook, make me want to visit Monterey again. Such a lovely area. And the weather is so perfect in the summer. I am glad that you and the boys had such a great time.