Monday, June 22, 2009

The lives of parents

It was a great weekend, and hubby and I had fun with the kids-along with some rough spots. My dad says that's to be expected, nothing is perfect, so we get up and keep moving. I went to a mom's night out on Friday, and was sworn in as the new treasurer of mom's club. Yay! The night didn't end after dinner, I went to visit a friend who recently had her fourth baby. She's one of the most down to earth moms I know, balances full time motherhood with taking time to care for herself. She had some other moms over, and despite the late hour, we hung out, with gin and tonics (not my favorite, but I neve had one before either), and talked. Talked about family, and marriage, and kids. Meanwhile her older boys (and the other women's sons) were getting rid of the sugar rush from the smores they roasted out back, and it was so relaxed. Husbands were around too, getting ready for fishing bonding the next day. This is what I strive for-not to be stressed out about clean clothes, money, or who is doing what sport at what time, and who's going to which school. Its all a wash-it boils down to how children are raised at home, with friends, the community as a whole, spending time with friends on a warm summer night.

Father's Day was low key. We let the kids play outside a lot this weekend. We ventured out to a couple of parks, including the free water attraction in V-town. E town did not work out, thank goodness for back up plans! The boys loved it, and R and I enjoyed the long nap that happened afterwards. The boys and I made R a homemade chocolate cake as his gift, yummy!

Except for a free lunch at a burger place, we ate at home/brought food with us all weekend. We hit up the farmer's market, and were delighted by all the fresh produce. Apparently we underbought, since the salad greens I thought would last nearly a week, lasted two meals. At least we're eating more salad, and now I know we can go there on Wed night and Saturday morning. I bought walnuts and squash, berries and sweet potatos. Beets to roast (a chef was doing a cooking demonstration and recommended this) and zuchinni to stir fry. It was pure heaven, and we spent so little in comparison to how much all of it would have cost at Costco or Winco (and 100% tastier too!).

This week is mellow too. Playgroup today in V town, playgroup on Wednesday, and free water park on Friday. Not sure about the rest of the week, but I'm sure we'll find fun stuff to do. The library is having a bunch of fun stuff for the summer, so I'm sure we'll take a walk/drive over, and check it out. The nights are open for mommy time, so we'll see what fun I can round up. A couple new books, fruity margaritas perhaps? Endless possibilities....

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