Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The days of summer

This week is flying by. Monday we had playtime in V town, checked out a fun attraction that will probably do well when its blazing hot. Not too sure we'll go there again, since it adds up in cost over time, but its nice to know what options exist. Yesterday was swim day at summer camp, followed by swim time at home. Pure bliss! Today was a day trip at a brand new park, with three shaded play areas, bathrooms, and a nice areas for toddlers. Love it! In between all this, we've had playdates with friends, and relaxing dinners at home. I love all the vegetables we've purchased at the farmer's market. We've had pasta primavera, sauteed veggies and chicken, tri-tip and salad, more salads for lunch. Sometimes I feel like a rabbit-we're eating so much healthy items, I love it. I seriously need to figure out how we'll continue this through the winter-when the farmer's markets are at a standstill. Hmmmm....until then, we'll enjoy the fruits and veggies, slow days and fun outings, and each other.

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