Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today I went on my first interview in months. I ran out yesterday and had my suit dry cleaned-I wasn't even sure it would fit, goes to show I wasn't sure if I gained or lost weight in recent months. The suit was loose, yay, so that relieved me to some degree. Then there was the interview. Ask me about childrearing, I can answer almost any question. Having been away from social work, and my thoughts about anything related to my field-well, sometimes I feel like my brain has gone to mush. Maybe these types of interviews are good, if anything to keep me on my toes and to keep me abreast of issues in our community. I answered the questions with ease, and then found out why. I was completely over qualified for this job. It was 30 hours a week, $12.50 an hour, and required a bachelor's degree. The skills it required were ones I attained in college, through my internships, and now in various roles through moms activities. It was less money than I made before I had my bachelor's degree. I doubt I'll take it, it requires me to drive a lot in my car, and frankly, gas is going up, I don't want the stress of using a lot of my pay for gas every week. R says to just keep applying, we'll find something that works. I'm going to enjoy the summer with the boys and see what happens.

I cannot wait for the farmer's market this weekend. I say that every weekend, but now I'm hooked. I can't buy produce at Costco now, except for bananas. Everything is overpriced, underripe, and basically unappealing. I love seeing where my food comes from, and not paying extra to have it shipped to the store. So our Costco bill has gone way down, $25 a week is average now. Much better than the $80 we were at before. I'll see how that holds out. Meanwhile I'll put the money aside, we have repairs I know that are coming up sooner than later.

This weekend I'm going to take the boys berry picking. I found a place near home, 88 cents a pound for berries! Yummy! I see lots of freezing berries in my future ;)

Next week I may head to the beach for a day with a few moms. This is besides my trip to H town with the boys. I'm looking forward to it, and will enjoy the cool breezes (and bring pants this time too!)

Tomorrow is a board meeting at a breakfast place in V town. Since we're up so early taking R to school, I'll probably eat here, but treat myself to a cup of coffee and ableskivers. After trying on my suit today, I know I can stand to gain a few pounds.

Friday is Bunco-yay! Next Friday night is the installation of the new mom's club board, so another mom's night out! I'm looking forward to it, its been a while since I've hung out w/ these women (w/o our kids attached to our hips). I'm just glad E is such an easy baby Z(or should I say toddler, he's seems less and less like a baby these days).

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