Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend travels

We survived-the first week of summer school! It started rough, but ended on a high note. I enjoyed my chocolate cake and red wine while the kids slept last night (after a fun night out of Bunco) and R finished his homework. We have a mellow weekend planned. I have a few retail shops in V and T town, and a free lunch down there too. We"ll hit up the farmer's market as well, I'm hungry for some fresh tomatoes and squash. We also have a lunch shop in F town, we'll either do tomorrow before we hit the water park with the kids, after list shopping at Vons, or next week after R gets out of school. I always enjoy our paid lunches, the reports are easy (multiple choice) and I get paid a few weeks later. Who can resist a treat like that? That's our weekend in a nutshell, hope everyone has a great one!

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