Thursday, June 18, 2009

Full circle

Some days pass by in a blink of an eye, only to remain in my memory for a long time. Yesterday was one of those days. We had our annual train trip to H town, and it was a great day from start to end. Our group from our F town playgroup dwindled once more, this time it was down to me and three other moms from my playgroup (we used to be the youngest of all the groups) and a former member who came back for the train trip (love seeing her, and learning how life is with older kids!)Besides that, it was two other parent groups, and wow, what a turn out they had! It was great that everyone was able to come.

One of my friends has done it every year along with me and going through pictures, it has been sweet to see pictures of when our oldest were one, and sitting on the blankets, and how they've grown over the years. Now our crew has grown. The babies, well the babies are now five, and the youngest are now toddlers (who were in our bellies the first time), so instead of massive rounds of diaper changes, we were able to do potty runs and kick back and watch them play. The children loved the firetruck and carasoul, and were well behaved throughout the trip. We made a stop at the ice cream shop, and my family shared one massize triple scoop of chocolate chip and rocky road ice cream. Yummy!

We met new friends from two other parent groups, one of which I'm already part of, the other which I'll join this week. I know some moms that used to participate with F town's playgroup are interested in the other groups that showed up, so I'm glad I connected the groups together. It doesn't matter how old your kids are, sometimes Mom (or Dad) needs a connection for their own sanity-that's where parent groups come in.

R had a great time with the boys. After seeing how the day went, he was blown away at how I have gone every year with the boys, throughout being pregnant, and with different people, not to mention hotter weather. He met some other dads, and made connections himself.

It was a great day, the weather was phenomenol-it wasn't hot, barely warm, nice breeze throughout the day. It was a wonderful way to wrap up one part of our life, our baby group (no longer babies) are now five, entering kindergarten/homeschooling now. We're not alone though, we met new friends, made new connections, and now have an outlet as we enter the next phase of parenthood. It was a day where I felt we came full circle.

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