Thursday, March 19, 2009

Living for today

Its so easy to get caught up in what needs to get done, the to do lists, the never ending loads of laundry. Even now, as I sit here with E on my chest, I'm trying to multitask first thing in the morning. Sometimes I get a jolt-something happens and I realize I need to slow down, enjoy the day, have that cup of tea (or wine), savor this life that I've been blessed to have and experience. I may not always have a clean house, nor will the laundry ever get caught up, but I'm catching on to when I need to step back, look around, see what else is out there.

Now I took a break from writing this, only to drop off the boys at preschool so I can get ready for an appt to do our taxes. M didn't want to go, clung to me fierce, sometimes in those moments I wonder whether I'm doing the right thing taking him there, then he saw some child with some toy and left my side-he wanted in on the action. That's par for the course with him. I know that doing taxes with the boys glued to me would be a complete and utter nightmare this morning, so taking the kids to preschool is best for everyone. I do have some fun stuff planned for this evening while R is at school, another trip to the park, a picnic dinner. Something where I can just kick back with the boys and let them run around. Yeah, I may have responsibilities like taxes to do today, but the day should end on a high note.

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