Sunday, March 1, 2009

Februrary wrap up!

What a month it's been! I'm pleased to announce that we made it through the no-spend challenge. I wanted to wait until last night-the end of the challenge, and I'm thrilled to say we did it. So far this weekend we haven't spent any money, and that's quite an accomplishment!

This challenge has had its rough moments, but we faced those challenges head on and conquered them! I have to say the hardest part was this weekend, I was feeling tired and kids were antsy-it would have been cake to just go and pick up a five dollar pizza from Little Ceasars. However, I did not want to drag three children into the store to pick up the pizza, let alone realize that I could give up after making it so far. That night we had tuna fish sandwiches and fruit for dinner and the kids were happy. No one except for me realized it was a struggle on what to make that night for dinner.

Another challenge faced itself when I worked. I didn't have time to make lunch for myself this past week, and as luck would have it I had cash in my pocket, plus a coupon for a fast food place. I was tempted to give in, but knew I would be home in just a couple of hours. While some may wonder what the big deal is, why not just buy something if I'm hungry-well, if I had no other option, I would buy food. However, I have learned how fast food is my latte factor-I can hit the drive thru too many times in a given week if cash is available, and I've learned that not only is it not healthy for me, but I'm never satisfied once I've eaten the meal-I'm still hungry.

I learned about self control and moderation this month. There were other lessons too, but those stand out above the rest. I'm using today to relax and reflect, payday is here, yet I'm not rushing to the grocery store or pay bills. I just want to sit and enjoy my cup of coffee. Have a good one everyone :-)

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Jilse said...

I applaud you for making it through the entire month. You have some fantastic self control as does your hubby. WTG!!! I knew you would make it. You seem to keep that focus going better than I do especially when it comes to eating out. Enjoy your day today! And the start of a brand new month!!