Saturday, March 28, 2009

Its springtime here!

Ready to open up and air out the house? I sure am! With news yesterday that I'll be meeting the founder of the Grocery Game at my house on Monday morning, followed by taping with the tv crew on Tuesday morning, the plans for this weekend are to do spring cleaning and playing outside. We're going to take advantage of having things for the boys to play with outside, while going through the kitchen/dining areas first (any other area comes next) and kicking back and enjoying each other's company. I'm torn about getting rid of things, part of me really wants to hold a yard sale this spring/summer. For the meantime, I have bins in the tool room that'll hold the stuff I want to sell, if we don't have a yard sale, I'll freecycle it later on. Freecycle's been good to us-even got a graphing caculator for R to borrow for the rest of the semester. That saved us $75 right there, since I couldn't find the one we own. There aren't any plans to eat out, so I'm taking chicken out to defrost, maybe we'll throw it on the grill. My grocery shopping is delayed until Monday this week, since Teri (can I just say WOW!!!) is dropping off my list and coupons. I'll tidy up my binder tonight, or so is the plan. Have a great one everyone!

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Jilse said...

That is such exciting news J!! I am thrilled for you. It's like meeting a celebrity!! Have fun cleaning and preparing for your big day!