Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's the day!

I could hardly sleep last night, I've been on pins and needles. Yesterday was a fun day, started out by taking the boys on an hour and a half trail excursion, complete with bike, scooter, and stroller. The boys loved the fresh air, I loved the relative quiet, and i was a nice free activity. After our walk, we headed to Target to look for shoes for E. I had a pair of Roobeez knockoffs for M and G, and I was hoping to find the same ones for E. I did, but then I realized I left my Target g.c. at home. Oh well, we piled back into the van, I know what they have, so I'll stop by there later this week and buy them. I left w/o buying the super cute shoes I found for myself, that was a hard thing to do!

We moved onto Costco-bought milk, mushrooms, and bananas. We still have a lot of stuff at home, there's not a whole lot we need for this week. I figureI'll get the rest of what we'll need for the week when I do my Grocery Game list. Back to Costco-I fed the kids there, and then we headed home. On the way there, I received a call-from a phone number I didn't know-it was Teri, the founder of the Grocery Game!!! It was 2:30, she was planning on passing through F town at 5:30-6pm. Uh, I thought I had a whole extra night to clean-that's why I wasn't stressed. Thankfully, I had shined the sink before we left, and I put away the folded laundry too, so it was just minor straightening up I wanted to do. I called R, asked him to come home early, heck, I didn't want him to miss out on seeing her. He came home, and then we got the call. Since she was coming from up north, she didn't realize K town was south of F town, so she said she'll swing by here on her way back to LA. house was clean, and in tip top shape. I debated whether or not we should eat out-after all, I didn't want to undo all that was done. Like a hard core couponer/frugal momma though, I trudged through, and made chili pie for dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen ala Fly Lady, so there was no mess greeting me this morning. Maybe there is some sense to this madness, huh?

Now I'm off to straighten up house more, go through stuff to donate-I have to post later about something else we did this weekend, and enjoy the sunshine with my crew. Have a lovely day everyone!

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Jilse said...

I am thrilled for you! I can't wait to hear all about this exciting experience!!!