Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hang out time

This weekend has been really mellow, in part because the weather has been chilly and windy, so going out with the boys has been more trouble than its worth. Yesterday we took R to school, and the boys and I hit up Costco. We spent $12 there (bananas and milk), and had samples for lunch. R decided I should go scrapbooking, so he let me loose-my friend gave me a ride home. I had a wonderful time, used the Cricut Expression for most my pages (sigh, I really want one of those), and came home refreshed. R made dinner for the boys, and probably let them watch too much tv. On the upside the house was quiet and clean when I came home, so I couldn't complain.

Today we hit up grocery shopping. We hit up the fruit stand and bought a 20lb bag of oranges. If we're lucky, that will last us two weeks, plus 2 lbs of fresh tomatos (total cost $7). At Vons, the bill was $77 before coupons and sales, and I walked out a very full cart for $29. 7 large boxes of Cheerios, canned corn, bags of salad, salad dressing, pita chips, and a nice big fresh chicken (which was 1/2 off, and is tonight's dinner and tomorrow's lunch). I kept away from the junk food, as hard as it was. After loading the van, we headed to Joann's to get denim patches for R's pants-his back pockets are wearing through, right where he keeps his wallet. Given his shirts cover the spots, and there was nothing wrong with his jeans, I figured its cheaper than buying another $44 pair of jeans. We'll see how it looks once I sew it in place. I checked out the scrapbooking section, and was tempted by the half price big books of paper. While I desperately need solid colored paper (I have a ton of patterned, but maybe 6 pages of solid colored paper) I decided to hold off until I check out the other stores in town. I need to get a feel for how much paper costs, and I'll go from there. We headed home, and I made an easy lunch and got dinner underway. I made cookies while the oven was still on, and those will be dessert for tonight. The rest of the night should be low key-maybe fold a couple of loads of laundry, bath time, and then bed. We have a full week ahead so getting some decent rest should get us off on the right foot. That's it for now, have a great night!


Jilse said...

I was tempted to buy the bags of salad also, but we usually don't eat it quick enough before it spoils. I don't think you could freeze it can you? Does your family eat salad every night?

socialworkeratheart said...

The salad dates were April 1st, but I'm sure it'll be gone by then. I am trying really hard to incorporate more veggies into our meals, and by buying salad I know we'll use it. When I serve salad with dinner, I up serving less of our main meal (stretching it out for lunch the next day). For lunch, I top it with turkey/chicken. I can also use it to make sanwich wraps for lunch-my personal choice. Getting the fresh tomatos at the fruit stand (at least 2-3 lbs for $2) I know we'll put them in the salad/wraps too. Having tasty dressing available also guarentees we'll use the salad before it spoils. I had 3 $1 off coupons for dressing, making each $4 bottle cost $1.50. I don't mind the Kraft/store brand, but this was cheaper this go around, so I took advantage of the deal. I bought the canned veggies in combination with the salad as the rest of that 10 for .75 cents each promotion.