Monday, March 30, 2009

And your total is....

Here's my moment

Meeting Teri this morning was amazing! She is the most down to earth person, I'm in awe. Considering she started the Grocery Game out of her husband being out of work, and needing to put food on the table for her family of four, and to see how far she came with an idea, wow! I met her husband too, and he was the kindest person too, even wanted to know where a local restaurant was so they could eat before heading back to LA, and of course I sent them to R and my favorite spot. Teri gave me the list and $60. I wasn't sure how smoothly it would go, even though I've done this a gazillion times. As it turned out, her coupons and list were the same as mine, and I could not believe the total due, or how much food I brought home. Seriously, this is what $53.13 (after sales and coupons) gave me:

To put it in perspective, there is salad, salad dressing, hot dogs, fruit, yogurt, and my favorite, grapefruit juice. The bill was $170.11, for a grand savings of 69%, or in another way of looking at it, less than $1 per (name brand) item I brought home-no generics here (even though I do agree that generics are often cheaper, it don't necessarily mean they are the most cost effective). And to think, I was not going to shop since I thought it was a slow week. Shows you what I would have missed out on!
I have so much to be thankful and grateful for, and I'm so glad R is supportive of me doing this. I often worry if being out of work has softened my brain, but stuff like this, it keeps me sharp. I only hope I can teach the boys how to save and spend wisely. Given that G said "coupon, coupon" when reaching for a bag of cookies at the store last week, I'd say they're well on their way to learning the value of coupons.


Jilse said...

What a fantastic day for you! I am so happy that you have a pic of you and Teri together. Enjoy your time in the spotlight and having the validation that what you do for your family really works.

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you!!! You are the Coupon Queen!!!! So glad that you had fun ;-)