Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tv update

So the initial email I sent, and the initial question I asked on the grocery game's message board a few days ago has mushroomed into something much bigger. I received a phone call today from the Grocery Game's PR person, requesting I put her in contact with the tv reporter. I also found out that there's this whole thing that takes place, apparntly it takes palce mre often than I realize, with the founder flying out to do a meet and greet with the consumer (depending on her availibility), doing the actual grocery trip with the station, a whole big hoopla. Basically the PR person coordinates the whole set up with the TV station, and I get to be involved somewhere. I am in shock, I didn't think this whole thing would even get this big. After the whole conversation, in the car I said aloud, "I think I opened a can of worms." Poor M was crestfallen when I said it was just an expression (he was hoping we had worms to play with!) Now something tells me now's the time to make myself an appointment to get my hair cut!

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Jilse said...

Whoa. Good luck with all of that. I'd say that yes a haircut is probably in order, just because I am sure you'll want to look your best now that you are famous!!