Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taking care of business

It's hard to take care of myself-since I was a child I always knew the prioritiesfood, shelter, clothing. That's the way it was for me, that's the way it is now. But at what cost? I nearly bit off R's head this morning since he did laundry last night-and let me sleep. I was perplexed by the clothes on the floor, and needless to say I snapped. I've hemmed and hawed about buying clothes for myelf, it's become a need at this point. I have one pair of jeans that do not have a hole, one pair that is slightly snug, and one that is getting a large hole by the knee as I continue to wear them. Besides that I have three ratty pairs of sweats, all bought while I was pregnant w/ G-so you get an idea of how long its been since I first acquired them. I have two pairs of black stretch pants, both born after I had Gabriel, since I couldn't zip up my pre-baby jeans. Last, but not least, I own one zip up pair of black slacks-the bottom half of the suit I bought when E was 6 months old. So getting clothes, yeah, it's beyond time. I need to have clothes that are presentable for work, and what I had doesn't even come close. Its necessary when I have to wash my clothes almost every night just to guarantee I'll have something decent to wear. I used two gift cards I had for the Gap and purchased two pairs of jeans, one pair of slacks, and one pair of capris for the summer. Free returns and free shipping, and it cost me $40 out of pocket. This is money coming out of our grocery budget for this week-we spent $40 at Costco and $10 at Vons for a weeks worth of food. I'm still contemplating our challenge for the month-and its already day 4. Maybe I'll just continue the no-spend-challenge from last month, since I have yet to buy something that's not a need. Ideas anyone?

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Jilse said...

Good for you for buying some new clothes for yourself. It's not easy to put yourself first. I know that I am always much more likely to buy the girls clothes, or Mr.Man before I buy myself anything new. But as you said your clothes were no longer a want, but rather a need, and you did the right thing by getting yourself some new stuff. Enjoy your new clothes.

Maybe we should set up another shopping trip to the outlets sometime in the future. I know that I had a great time last year, and I would love to do it again with you.