Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mid week update

Yesterday was a doozy of a day. Sometimes I wonder if its worth it to only have one car, since it means we have to plan out our trips, but at the same time, I love how we spend time together as a family. It makes for some interesting conversations. R needed to go to the math tutorial at school, so we all headed out to V town once he got off work. After he did his tutoring, we hit up Costco for gas and groceries.

We had a cheap meal at Costco, we were out of eggs, bananas, yogurt, dog food, and cheese. It really hits home how much we are eating at home when a 5 lb bag of cheese is gone within a matter of two weeks time. I used to either freeze it or toss it out because it would spoil before we had a chance to use it. Same goes for the bananas and yogurt-no matter how much we buy, can't keep enough of it in the house.

I learned that next Tuesday at 8am is when the tv reporter will come to the house, check out my kitchen, pantry, watch how I clip coupons. We'll then head to the grcery store and do my shopping trip. I'm a bit concerned about the state of my kitchen/pantry-with three kids, well, it never has that magazine cover look. I plan to break up the task in bits over the next week, and hope to tackle my problem areas ala Fly Lady style. If anything this is a great opportunity to deep clean my kitchen/pantry.

We're headed to the pediatrician today for E's 15 month appointment (a month late, but life happens). Then if we don't meet up with friends at the park, I'm tossing the boys scooters in the trunk, and I'm going to hit up a local walking trail. Maybe we'll do both, just depends on how the kids feel.

I'm looking forward to the spring weather, as long as it lasts. It makes me think about slowing down, gardening, and walks, good food, and fresh air. I'm really going to attempt to relax my standards this year and not worry so much about how things turn out in the garden and with the kids, I need to just relax-and enjoy what I have in my life. As R's been telling me lately, I need to slow down. That's it from here, hope everyone has a good day!

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