Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mixed bag day

Today I had grand plans for our day. Nothing went as planned. The boys played longer and refused to get dressed, so playgroup went out the door. Saved me $14 and a headache at Pump It Up, but we missed out. Still, the day wasn't a complete loss; I took them to storytime at the library-they did well, E loved the duck song-I could have sworn I heard him singing some of it tonight. M an G, they sat through almost the entire session. I tried valiently to get us to Costco and home, but forgot about a few errands that needed to take place today. Doing those cost me precious minutes, and left me with two over cranky and tired children. I resorted to splitting a chicken nuggett meal in the backseat of the van, in hopes of missing the rain during our Costco run and appeasing my children with food. $5 later, they were happy, and I was able to grocery shop in peace-or so I thought. Fast forward to leaving Costco, and M and G throw me a double wammy of a temper tantrum-seriously, they were egging each other on, an it lasted from the bathroom to the outside of the store, to sitting in the car, getting dwn an aisle, to having to repark w/ one child getting themselves unbuckled. If I have a couple of gray hairs tomorrow, I know why. No sooner do we get on the road, all three boys are asleep-that speaks volumes!
The rest of the afternoon went by quickly. Post office detour, then home. I gave them all a bath in the afternoon-that kept them occupied, and relieved some major stress from all of us. I make a huge pot of vegetarian chili and fiesta bread for dinner, and the boys gobbled it up. Somehow I managed to get them in bed, E fell asleep on me, and now I can relax while the laundry dries and R is on his way home from school. I wonder if all days will be this crazy, and for how long, and whether I'll survive, but I know the days come, they do end (eventually), and so far I'm still here, so that says something.

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Jilse said...

It sounds like you had one of those days. Double tantrums at Costco is not fun. I do the bath trick also. If D is having one of those days, the bath always mellows her out. Something about the water just calms them down. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you and the boys.