Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaining perspective

I'm not good at setting large goals, since I feel like an utter failure when I don't reach them. I've done this enough times and finally something clicked. Its not about reaching the ultimate goal, but taking steps to overcome challenges and and working at it step by step. I hope that this way of thinking will keep me motivated, and I sincerly hope that I'll see changes down the road.

I'm not one for posting our debt-right now I'll admit, I'm embarrassed by the number. Instead, I wrote everything down, and have it safely tucked away. Writing it down, I feel I've gained clarity and a true sense of what we're facing. I don't want to hide behind this, nor do I want it to overshadow everything I want, whether its for myself, my husband, or my children.
Right now, I plan to use the snowball method to reach our goal, and add to our savings at the same time. I know that with due diligence, the numbers will decrease and our savings will increase. Maybe later I'll post it, but right now, I'm not there yet.

I'm proud to say while I carry my credit card with me (in case of a true emergency), I'm no longer using it. I've have the mindset that I don't want to use it unless I have the funds in my checking account to pay I off in the next billing cycle (besides whatever additional payment I'm making to decrease the original debt) At the same time, I'm not using it for just anything ,gas and Costco are my only uses for it. Will this work? I'm going to give it a shot. Considering I've altered how we grocery shop and how we fill up on gas, I think this will make a signifigant impact.

I'm off to write off the bills for this month, and then we'll be set for the month.
Oh and before I forget, I stumbled upon this web radio show FrugalCoast2Coast this morning, an online wealth of knowledge. Hope you take a listen, it's wonderful!

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Jilse said...

It's hard to look at the numbers and see just where you stand on the whole debt journey. It's hard for me to have to post my numbers down every week, but I do because it keeps me honest with myself. If I didn't post them every Monday I would stop caring as much and then we'd be in even more debt.

I know that you don't want to post your debt and I totally understand that. Just writing it all down at home and knowing what your goals are helps. You are doing so great, you have a lot more willpower than I do, or so it seems. Keep up the good work!!