Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shopping with coupons

I know by keeping focus we'll reach our goals. This week my goal was to get our shopping completed for under $100, and to pay cash. Thus far, I've been able to keep the task at hand. I researched my grocery game lists this morning, and compiled most of my coupons. There was quite a stack for me to organize, but considering I had let my coupon binder sit, and coupons go uncut for the past month, I knew my coupon binder was in geat disarray. I'm happy to say, today's organization paid off.

Here are today's receipts for Vons: One may wonder, why did I buy 17 boxes of cereal, and 3 packages of oatmeal? Considering that 1. one box of cereal lasts my family of 4 main eaters one or two breakfasts, 2. I spent $35.44 on boxes of non junky cereal (and oatmeal, tortilla chips, and canned soup too) that retails on average $3.99 per item (oatmeal costing $4.69, not on sale), and 3. we eat at home for breakfast everyday (rotating between cereal, oatmeal, eggs, toast), and 4. this will last us 8-12 weeks, in line with the cycle of coupons/sales, and our family's eating habits. So for us, this money was well spent.

I don't have the numbers from Costco's trip today, and Winco's trip from last week right in front of me, but from memory I believe we're on target. I'll post more later, but for now dessert is calling.

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Jilse said...

Woo hoo! You got some great buys!!

If we were bigger cereal eaters I would have gone for the cereal deals but Mr.Man can't drink milk, and lately I am finding myself lactose Intolerant so I try and stay away from it as well. Cereal without milk isn't much of a meal to me.

But you made out great!! I should have gotten some oatmeal, now that my girls would eat every day if I let them. Oh well. We got pop tarts instead for Mr.Man and I'll hit up Costco for oatmeal next week or so. Probably not nearly as cheap, but I do have a coupon for there at least.