Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shout out to SAHMs

So what gives. Someone posts about their MIL riding their hide for being a SAHM and not working outside the home. Let me tell you, this is the hardest job ever-one that I don't feel I'm completely cut out for-hence why I went to grad school earlier vs waiting until my boys were older, and now work part time. I don't think anyone is better than another- we all have our own way of living life, but our goal is the same-to live well with our families and raise our children to be law-abiding, productive citizens. I may write on and on about budgets and cutting corners and working deals, shops, etc., but it takes work and time, and sometimes I wonder if the work justifies the pay, and if the means justifies the end. I do what I do, and others do what they do. I hope others know what they do is amazing. And now I'll go back to clipping my coupons, baking my muffins, and referring between the three boys. Sigh.....

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Jilse said...

Thanks J for your comment on my blog, and this entry. You made me feel a little better. It's one thing when someone I don't know says something snarky about being a SAHM, but it's another when its family.

Your morning sounds like ours. I clipped a ton of coupons and then we hit up Vons for the sales/coupon savings. It was a good trip. Now we're being good and staying home. I hope you're having a good afternoon.