Saturday, January 31, 2009

January recap

What a month it's been! It started off quiet, and went out with a bang. We kept steadfast to our goals, eating home at least six nights out of seven, only going out when it was a reimbursable msytery shopped meal. I've already started to receive checks from last months shops, so don't forsee any problems with this month's checks.
I worked every week, averaging 3 days a week. I supplemented the days I didn't work with mystery shopping/merchandising jobs. I watched our dollars, and only used the credit cards for reimbursable items, if at all. Cash (or debit card) was used nine out of ten shopping trips. To take it one step further, R cut up his two credit cards this past week. Coupons were used, and sales ads were followed. Due to our diligence, I definitely foresee a better outlook on our finances in the months to come.
I'm not sure how R's income will affect us, besides a reduction in pay. So far we've cut out discretionary spending, and we're watching our spending in all areas. We're always asking what's a need vs a want, what we should do vs what we want to do, and how best to handle unexpected bills and windfalls. We've come a long way this month, not only in our spending, but also in our communication. I'm looking forward to the month ahead :)

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