Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Three shoes and a stick

That sums up my week. R started school this week, and between that and the work I've picked up, life at home has been busy. We've managed to stay on track, not eating out, not spending money. I don't know how that is, but I do know that I haven't used the credit card except for gas, so that's progress.

Today we had playgroup. I didn't want to go, but I did-the kids were restless at home, I knew I needed to talk to adults, and not focus on what our financial stuff is making life like at home. Somehow though, it came up, between kindergarten registration (which I have an idea about), what shows we've been tivo'ing (too many that are slowly getting viewed), books we're reading (uh, not since before the holidays), and siging up for tball in the spring (not happening here). I felt like an outsider-especially when it seemed like everyone has more time to do stuff for themselves or money to spend on activities for their kids-since right now I feel I'm lacking in both areas. Yet once again, playgroup still saved my sanity. Another mom confided in me that she felt like an outsider with the rest of the group-since she has a different education plan for her child. And another mom-well, her husband is getting a paycut too-not quite as large as R, but still it's one-and as with the way things are going, it can always get bigger. And not everyone is fortunate to have their husband around, at night, during the week, when kids are just becoming too much to handle. So yeah, it gave me perspective.

Add to it M coming to me with one foot bare and muddy, the other shoe caked with mud, telling me he lost his shoe. And he lost his stick. Along the way finding both of G's muddy shoes abandoned, and G playing happily on a basketball court-white socks now black with mud. This week I may be more tired, with less money in my pocket, but as I reassured M today, I'm not mad, I'm jus glad him and his brothers are okay.

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