Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend shocker

I'm blown away-literally. Tonight R announced once again that he's okay with having a fourth child. This is after weeks of laying low, not mentioning adding to our family, thinking we're done, this is it, I'm at peace with it, we have three healthy boys. I thought for sure it was a done deal, our family of five. As much as I've thought about having another baby, I was thinking the past week or so how I should really do something with the baby stuff if we weren't going to have another child. I didn't mention it to R, not wanting to hear that he felt like we're done, or mention that he was ready to make his v appointment. I liked just being in the moment, enjoying what is, as crazy as life is, I love my husband and my boys, and the life we've made for ourselves.

My friend asked me this weekend if R had changed his mind, I said no, I was sure he was not on board to add another to our brood. Life is finally managable with three-we're able to go places, do things, look forward to what we want to do as a family. Maybe it was E's haircut, or seeing our boys play together. We know they're getting older-but yet we still have room for more. We never closed that door to having more, its always been cracked open. The big question now is will there be another? I'm not going to make a pro-con list-its not even an option-there's not a single good reason to not add to our family-whatever challenges we're facing, well, I've always said life was a journey, and challenges will be there, regardless of how many children we have in our family.

Needless to say it'll be interesting what happens in the months to come.....

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Jilse said...

I was just thinking about this. Try and keep things at bay for another month or two. Or you'll end up with yet another November birthday. Maybe R just has a thing this time of year and that's why he's suddenly hip to the idea of a fourth. My grandpa had the same problem and hence my two Aunts and one uncle were all born in July. Lol.