Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ready, set, run!

I hate when I get into a funk. More than anything else, I think my husband hates it too. Its part of life though-the sadness makes life that much sweeter so when I do come out of it, I am that much more appreciative of what I have around me. Instead of dwelling on what is out of my control, I'm choosing to focus on the here and now, the present, and all that surrounds me.

Robert has been a huge help the past few days while I was recovering from my half marathon run. Yes, you heard that right-I completed the half marathon this past weekend. It was exhilarating, mind blowing, and the toughest physical challenge of my life. While I was on my run, I remember thinking, "one foot in front of the other", "its all about crossing that finish line" and "if I can go through natural childbirth four times, I can surely do this". 13 miles is a long distance for someone who's never ran a lot, and it gave me plenty of time to reflect on what I'm doing in my life, and where I want to be. The first two miles and the last two miles were the hardest; I never thought I'd reach the end~I definitely felt like I was ready to quit-but I didn't want to-I knew the end result was going to be amazing. 3 hours, 19 minutes later I crossed that finish line, and I was so proud of myself!

It was so much fun, that despite the soreness I felt later, I'm already planning out my next events. I already have the Kingsburg Dala Horse Trot 10K run in a couple of weeks, and now contemplating whether to sign up for the 10K run in Morro Bay in July with some friends. Running has definitely been a great way to have "me" time, and focus on my health-and after last week's stressful events, I definitely want to take care of me. Here are some pictures of that wonderful morning :)
On our way to V-town, bright and early Saturday morning!

Ready to run!

My cheering team!

Crossing that finish line!

I DID IT!!!!!

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