Monday, May 23, 2011

Outdoor fun


Robert had his parole advancement test in the morning, so instead of staying at home, the kids and I went on a bike ride to the Swedish Festival. The weather was fantastic-and we had no trouble getting there. We found a shady spot to watch the parade. Elijah loved the music, and the older boys loved the old cars. I personally loved seeing the couples married 50 years riding in the cars-part of me wanted to ask them just how they lasted so long. After the parade, we walked around downtown, and saw many of our friends (because this is one of those "if you live in Kingsburg, you go here") The boys played at the park downtown, and Robert met us there after his exam. I window shopped in a few of the boutiques-and fell in love with some things for Rebecca (and now I know what some of my friends with daughters were talking about-its fun to shop for a girl!). I just looked though-she really has a lot, and buying more would just lead to excess (which we've been cutting out). Here are some snapshots from that adventure.

Sunday we went to one of our favorite parks, Oso de Oro in Fresno. Its been awhile since we were there, and for the first time, the park felt smaller-I couldn't quite figure out why-was it because the kids were older/larger? or it just is not as big as I remember it. The boys had fun running around, and Rebecca went in the swings/animal ride for the first time there. She was loving it! The boys fed the ducks too while we were there. We left before lunchtime, but I told the kids we'll come back next time with a picnic.

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