Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Madness

I'm on a roll this morning, there's a lot going on this month, and it helps to stay on top of it. This week we have two big events~Matthew's birthday and Mother's Day. We're holding tight to being weird, and controlling our finances, instead of them controlling us. I'm proud to say that next week is the last week of Financial Peace University, and we're better off financially than we were when we started the program.

I've stepped up my couponing-purchasing whole inserts and watching the sales. The pantry is stocked, and meal planning is helping us stay on track. We're eating all meals at home, and have back up plans for crazy days, as well as plans for the events coming up. Gazelle intense is not hard once you get acclimated to it, and surrounding myself with others who feel the same way has been such a godsend. I can't speak highly enough about the DR Financial Peace Program, it has been so worth it! I'm now excited to work on the third baby step of DR's plan, and seeing how much head way we can make towards our goals every month. I hope to stay motivated-and then pass on what we've learned to others.

Summertime is quickly approaching, and we're discussing what we want to do for family activities. Gas prices are a huge consideration~because it costs so much to go somewhere~yet, I still consider us fortunate to have what we have. I have faith that we'll figure out what we want to do, and the children will have a memorable summer.

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