Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May wrap up

The days blur together and sometimes never seem to end, but then I'm reminded by moms with older kids telling me not to blink for the years go by in an instant. This past week/weekend was one of those never ending roller coasters, full of fun, tears, squeals of laughter, and the occasional fit.

Rebecca and I hung out at home a lot, I decluttered-reorganized-tried to wrap up some projects-and be mom. I've lapsed in picture taking-but have been brainstorming-and just busy-but I'll get back to it-I always do :)

This weekend, I took Matthew to a birthday party at a skating rink-and it was the first time he'd been there-and I wanted to skate-but since I brought Rebecca w/ me, I was sidelined. It worked out well-he had fun-and I'm learning to let him go more, and figure stuff out on his own. Robert took the two middle ones grocery shopping-and surprised me-he was so proud of sticking to the list-and staying within budget. Here's Matthew upright on his skates :)

We went to the movies as a family. The kids enjoyed it-they knew movies out are a treat, and I think Robert and I enjoyed ourselves too. I think I'll head to the $1 movies this summer with the kids, and they'll have fun.

Meals were at home-it got a bit hairy pre-grocery shop-but I think that was because we used up all our produce and fruit-two staples I love having on hand at home. I felt better once we got some of those items, and I could continue making smoothies (and daiquiris') at home. I also have gotten accustomed having lots of salad around-its easy to make, and the kids love it too. Who needs to go out when you have salad for dinner?

We also went to the cemetery for the Memorial Day service. It is our family tradition, and I really like how we've done it for the past seven years since we've lived here. Each year the kids understand it more, and I'm glad we're showing them how the day isn't just for bbqs and family time.

There was a lot of downtime last week, and this weekend, but its okay. We're still focused on saving money, and planning out what we want to spend it on for the summer. We're both in agreement that its wiser to stay at home before the heat cranks up, so when it does get hot, we're not short on time, money, and can pick up and go. I definitely feel weird sometimes, but I have gentle reminders that I'm on the right path, we're doing what needs to get done, and our family will be better for making sacrifices now.

With a busy week (last week of school) ahead, I'm going to work out our monthly budget, and factor in swim lessons/activities for the family/and our travel plans. I don't foresee any challenges, but its great to be prepared :)

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