Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dave Ramsey Live

Last night I was reading my blogs, the ones that I love to read about couponing and frugal living, living simply and crafting. My FPU instructor mentioned how she is going to see Dave Ramsey in September when he comes to CA. I was so happy for her-she's an awesome instructor-and to hear her story about her and her husband and their three kids doing the Dave Ramsey plan the first week of class, it was inspiring. So last night I was talking with Robert about it, and he was up for me going, even better, he was up for me and H going since he wasn't too comfortable leaving Rebecca alone somewhere else just yet. I told him I would talk it over with her, and when I went over to her home to watch Extreme Couponing (which, for the record, is not what I do) I asked her about it. Her eyes lit up-we decided we'd go! So excited, I bought the tickets now, and we'll either make it a long day trip or an overnight, depending on how everything is going as it gets closer to that date. LA is about 4 1/2 hours from here, so we could really do it easily-and taking her compact car, splitting the gas will be a breeze! I'm so excited, seeing Dave Ramsey live is just awesome. And folks, this is why I'm weird-but that's okay :)

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