Sunday, April 24, 2011


What a whirlwind weekend. We had my dad and MA in town to celebrate Easter with us; right before the divorce trial of my parents early next week. its been a weekend of emotions-shared over coffee, wine, walks, and late night talks. Its been decided that I go to court to testify as a rebuttal witness-not thrilled about that-but things I've seen and heard will help in the division of responsibility.

It was our seventh anniversary today. It was surreal waking up this morning; seven years ago it was my wedding day, and it was just Robert and I. Now its the six of us. We've had our share of ups and downs, and its been quite a journey. Every year seems to be better than the last-and we've become tighter knit than the year before. The only part I hated was how knowing my parents would have celebrated 35 years last month-so it was a tough pill, a tough moment to pass by-yet I know it's been just a date on a calendar for the past 5 years-maybe longer, but at least that long since there was love between those two people. At the same time, I know that its important for us to celebrate our marriage, because its ours (not my parents). We left the kids with my dad and went to dinner. Margaritas, good food, and each other. I couldn't have asked for a better time with my husband ♥

Talking with my father I see how Robert and I are truly doing things different from my parents-everything from the way we disagree to division of responsibility. I loved seeing my dad, or Zadie as the children call him, hold Rebecca-the misty look in eyes, when he didn't think anyone was looking -almost like he was remembering holding me as a baby. Seeing a picture of my mom and I, and then me holding Rebecca-that's a throat closing moment. Sigh.....

This week is sure to be an emotional one. I will need to rely on my inner strength and prayer to get through it. I did want to write about Easter, but that shall remain for another post. It's time to unwind and enjoy the rest of the evening before the busyness of tomorrow begins.

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