Friday, April 1, 2011

Ready for the weekend

I'm ready to start this weekend-and just have to wait for the boys to get off from school. We'll hit up the park-its going to be a beautiful day. Thinking of surprising them with homemade smoothies-that's an awesome treat on a warm spring afternoon. The weekend will be fun-hit up the parks, have a picnic outside, work on our garden. The Just Between Friends sale is this weekend too-I sold many items a couple of weeks ago, so not sure how this one will pan out. Either way, having the space is nice and I've been able to make room for Rebecca's clothes.

Speaking of Rebecca's clothes-and actually, all my children-we have been blessed with very generous friends. This week, I received clothes for both Rebecca and Matthew (which will work their way down to Elijah), so my kids are set for a long time, clothes wise. I'm purposely buying my friends gift certificates as a thank you gesture-what they've saved me in money over the years-awesome :) I'm passing stuff on already from Elijah-to other friends. Baby stuff is going to get new owners too, as Rebecca gets bigger. She's feeling more solid these days, but is still petite. I wonder how her appointments will go this month-we shall see.

My financial hat will go on later this weekend, but for now-I'm just going to enjoy the warm spring weather with my crew.

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