Monday, April 4, 2011

Mismatched socks

Life is all about the mismatched socks here. It used to be Robert and I. Socks never were a problem. Then we had Matthew. Easy enough, add his clothes to the mix. Then add Gabriel. Yeah, two kids, close in age, clothes started to get jumbled as did socks. Add Elijah-small socks for a younger brother. Now Rebecca-pink, purple, yellow-all teeny-tiny-yet I love seeing her toes instead of socks. And the socks, sit in a basket. Used for playtime, to tease brothers, bug me when they sit there in the basket too long. Yet, they sit there because I'm busy living life with four beautiful, healthy children, as it should be.

This weekend we ventured to a family festival at Fresno Pacific University. It was family centered-and it was such a good fit for our family. We listened to music, saw how brooms were made, also saw a quilt auction. Oh how I loved those handmade quilts. It really makes me want to make one for the children-one of these days.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping-all six of us. I'm never too sure of how good of an idea it is to grocery shop as a family-I hear the horror stories, the gimmies, the wants, the tears. We have that too-but we don't give in. Well, let me rephrase that, we do our best to show our kids how the money we have gets spent on food we need, and how by making certain things at home, and avoiding others, we are healthier. I also like them to see how much things cost, and eventually I want them to learn how its cheaper to eat at home too.

I know my kids would probably devour the go-gurts and frozen burritos in the store, yet I choose to get the unsweetened yogurt and add fresh fruit-or make our own bean and cheese burritos. It was definitely a stock up trip-spent most of our time in the bulk bin section this time. I didn't blink when the bill hit $60-yet I think Robert wondered what we spent money on. The comical thing is I know that's cheap-but we have a lot of food a home so the damage could have been far worse. My homemade pantry of bulk bins is looking good-I'm starting to see it come together, using the old coffee containers and glass jars for various ingredients. It's not something you'd see in a Martha Stewart magazine, but it works for me. I'll upload a picture-but to some degree I doubt anyone wants to see how I store food. I'm just proud of this skill I learned, it helps my family, so that's why I'm proud of it.

This week is a busy week. It will be nice to spend time outdoors now that the weather is improving-I also need to work on my runs too. I went for a long run on Saturday morning, and plan to do some extended walking today to keep my body going strong. I'm loving the effects of the exercise and healthy eating-between the two I think it made it easy to fit back into my pre-pregnancy shorts from a couple of years ago. I didn't wear them very much last year as I was pregnant with Rebecca-but its nice to wear them now.

So the children are calling, its time to go to school. Have a wonderful week everyone :)

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