Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Train trip April 2011

On a warm, sunny day, we ventured from Fresno to Sacramento with Matthew's Cub Scout pack. Our plan was to do sightseeing and exploring, keeping in mind with young kids our plans could change in an instant. Since we had planned this prior to Rebecca's birth-and as it was, I thought Robert would be with me most the trip, I envisioned the trip happening a certain way. It was nothing like I expected; and in retrospect, I'm amazed by how well we managed to get around.

I had the children alone overnight, and managed to get all of us to the train station on time. It was crazy, but I managed-and getting on that train-was such a good feeling. I have worried about us not being able to do as much as a large family, let alone a large family with a baby-but the opposite is true. It may be slow going sometimes traveling with children, especially young children, but by traveling with kids, I see how joy and fun can come from something as simple as playing on the footsteps of the Capitol building.

The kids really had a great time. We were all grinning when a family with children approached us and started talking about cub scouts with us. One dad had his son give Matthew the Boy Scout handshake (which Matthew just learned). We met up with Robert for a picnic lunch, and the train ride home. It was no surprise to Robert or myself when I started talking about the next train trip we'll take this summer, possibly to Sacramento-or maybe down south. I knew once I accomplished this trip with the children, nothing would hold us back. Here are some images from that very long, adventurous day trip.

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