Wednesday, August 3, 2011

She's human too

I love FB-no, I like FB. No, I can't stand FB. And so the roller coaster goes. As many people know people play out their lives on FB-some seems more glamorous than others, some more down to earth. Some are Debbie Downers (but then really need the support too). Some just seem

I personally like it for sharing tidbits-things that are happening, questions I may have, and for having that connection-because that's just who I am. I saw a couple of posts last night-ones that made me go "Hmmmm" You never know the whole story, what people go through, what may have taken place for them to be where they're at-life happens. FB doesn't capture it-it provides a glimpse-but its subjective-what one puts out is what others see.

In any case, they're normal. Kids aren't perfect. House is a disaster. Life is beautiful, messy, chaotic. We're building memories, living life, being spontaneous.

And yes, I can still be spontaneous with 4 kids-just the level of which has been altered-but that's thanks to Dave Ramsey. We have made choices, responsible, challenging, out of our comfort zone. I'm not lacking, its all about perception-I'm human too.

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