Monday, August 15, 2011

Here and now

This song has been in my head lately-I'm working to let go, and be. Its not always an easy thing to do-when your mind races about the long to-do list, and you wonder how everything will get managed. Robert has been talking frequently about returning to the prison-it would mean more pay, but a different schedule. One I'm not completely fond of. I'm not sure where we'll end up-we've seen how money doesn't buy happiness, it does make some things easier, but its not the solution to everything.

Family time is keeping me busy. Chalk play outside. Riding bicycles and a tricycle. Mohawk hair cuts. Visits with friends. Taco truck dinners. I'm soaking up the last days of summer vacation. We had rootbeer floats this weekend, watched the Carebear movie on Netflix. Playing barefoot outside, picnic dinner in the shade. Park days and water play, tans and smoothies. This is what summer has been, wonder what fall will be like.

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