Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yesterday was a mellow day at home. We opened the windows and played outside before it was miserable outside. I roasted a chickcn in the morning hours for dinner-much easier on all of us to cook while its cool, and eat something chilled when its gross outside. The sweet potato homefries were a hit-we used up the three large potatoes we bought, and Robert brought the remainder for lunch today. The chicken was moist-and the kids gobbled it up. Rebecca liked it too.

I'm going back and forth about the fall. The school year is almost here-will be here mid-month. I've enjoyed my boys immensely-this time, this age, is altogether fleeting. Yet the days when I work from home (the nights I work too) and the kids were at summer camp were great too. I don't have all the answers-I won't pretend to. I will figure out what works for us-maybe by muddling through it and seeing where we end up. I want my kids to enjoy and have opportunities-and I want to raise them too. I was talking with the preschool teacher today, and talked about how Elijah is going to the preschool room, and then transitional kindergarten the following fall. The major upside is that transitional kindergarten is free-yet it means two years of kindergarten (at least seen by Kingsburg schools). I feel ambivalent-if only because I love the preschool where he's going now-and can't think of him not going there.

Wait.....I understand. Its because in one year, Rebecca will be just past a year and a half old, and then in two years when Elijah goes to transitional kindergarten, she'll be two and a half. I've been so immersed in diaper changes and soaking up her babyhood-it is odd to think of her as anything but a baby. Then again, last summer I couldn't quite see myself w/ a baby daughter, even though I was nearly six months pregnant. I'm wide awake-not blinking, soaking up this crazy journey of parenthood.

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