Sunday, August 7, 2011

A busy life

A busy life isn't always going from event to event, or planning the next big shopping trip. For me being busy is about tending to the day to day lives of my family, my children, and doing what needs to get done so that when life picks up at warp speed-I'm not completely frazzled. This blog has been neglected-but not for lack of wanting to post. It just is what it is-life with kids and a husband, along with friends and family does that. I've connected with Twitter-to hopefully connect the bits and pieces I want to journal-and have them saved so I can refer back to them later. If I do-great-if not-well, chances are I've either talked about them with the people that matter in my life, or something else caught my interest.

This week was a mellow buzz of activity. We had summer camp and playtime with friends. I had my friend Katie come over with her boys, and we celebrated her birthday with pizza and Little Rascals on Netflix. We spent the day in Santa Cruz with my brother-both at Natural Bridges State Park and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We had our old babysitter visit for the afternoon, swimming and spending time with the children. I went through Rebecca's next set of baby clothes, and set aside items to give to moms expecting little ones soon. I had my Tuesday night get together with Heather, and made a new friend w/ someone she met-and her five month old daughter too. It will be nice to have someone that has a little one Rebecca's age to relate to when it comes to the baby stuff-and I love making new friends too. I cleaned house, made pie, and cooked. I cleaned, let go, and moved on. Life is busy, but very good.

I did a couple of shopping trips-one netting me $52 worth of peanut butter, pasta sauce, razor, and chocolate for $1.90 out of pocket, and a trip to Save Mart which netted me 12 free boxes of cereal and 3 lbs of fruit (between coupons, sale, and gas card promotion). I am happy with the results, and the little effort it took to pull the inserts for the trip.

There are scores of pictures I have taken over the weeks-ones I will save to the external hard drive and prep for the photo books. I should post some-I really should. If you don't see them here, check FB-its always easy to post and check there.

That's life in a nutshell for this past week, hope yours was just as awesome :)

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