Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ducks in a row

Summer. I blinked, and school started today. It will be an adjustment, three in school. Two in grade school, one in pre-Kindergarten preschool three days a week. I loved spending time with the younger two today, but as I told a friend, "When I went to get my boys-I was like "Bring on the noise!" Only having two home, my house was too quiet, and too clean. Not trying to rush the year, but still, I missed my full house today." Yes, I sent my children to preschool, yes I send them to school, but yes, I love the noise. Call that strange, but I'm used to a full house. I hope that I can resume posting here, and get on track with other aspects of motherhood. I'm all for relaxation, barefoot summertime fun. I love it-and at the same time, I love having things to do and places to go (but really, wasn't that our pace this summer too?)
There's work stuff to get squared away, but motherhood does come first. It did, it has, it will. It's the season, time in my life where I can be a mom. Selfish or not, its my time. So I'll do what needs to get done, and get my ducks in row.

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