Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I give of myself

I find that things happen for a reason, sometimes without even knowing it. This weekend I went to the Northern CA Meet-N-Greet for MOMS Club. It was an uplifting experience, and far surpassed my expectations. I was apprehensive of going, I was going by myself, Robert was dropping me off in Manteca, and then traveling on to Sacramento to see his mom for a visit.

I was worried. How would the kids do? How would Rebecca do? Would I leak milk halfway through the event? Would I get a panicky call that Robert couldn't find me (w/o GPS/map book, I'm always using my smart phone for directions when we go out as a family)? I didn't know anyone there? Aghhhh. It really shouldn't have been that big of a deal; yet, I was having anxiety. Seriously what gives? I prayed on it, I let it go, I kept the phrase, "What will be, will be. Don't sweat the small stuff." It was a 3 hour drive with that phrase in my head, but I needed that to get me through w/o nitpicking on my husband, children, or driving myself crazier.

Going there, and being surrounded by women; not just any women, but women who were committed to providing support to others in their community, was inspiring. We came from all walks of life, not one of us had the same background. Yet we all at one time, reached out for support, and now we were returning the favor.

I am a total sap-I fell back in love with the concepts, the ideas. It's not rocket science. However, its very AP, wholesome, lovey dovey lets hang out vibe, and then boom. Someone mentioned Moms Night Out, Iron Chef, Lunch Bunch. I ♥ it. I am energized. I remember what brought me into the fold, what I got out of it, what I want to put into it. I ♥ it. I have wondered what this next year is going to bring. How it could be the last year for being part of MC. Do I want it to end? What do I need as a mom, a parent, a woman, a sister? I come back to this. I am who I am because I made the conscious decision to reach out- that is forever in my DNA. I love being surrounded by others, I love being part of something. I may not know what it is I'm doing half the time, but I'll fake it until I make it, or make a bumbling fool of myself and have a great story to tell when I'm old and gray.

What I give of myself: love. energy. a drive. a passion. a desire to be connected to those in my community, both next door to me, and from afar.

Robert managed with the boys and Rebecca. Grandma had a wonderful visit, which I got to hear about while I waited for my crew to pick me up after the event. I did not leak (and this is huge, considering I'm preparing for a road trip with Heather later this month. It took a leap of faith, a lot of prayer, and everything worked out.

Bring on the next challenge, my phrase of "What will be, will be. Don't sweat the small stuff." will get me through. Trust, faith, it has amazing results :)

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