Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mom moments

Heather and I took the kids for a car ride yesterday, to break up the day, and the quote of the day-''Taste my armpit.'' Was that really my kid? Yes-yes it was. That and a smelly foot contest kept them entertained. Boys are gross.

I brought over two diaper cases full of clothes to Miss K for her baby boy. I had quite a bit saved, not knowing if Rebecca was going to be a girl or boy. It was great giving it to her, glad someone else will get use from them.

I also gave a wipes case full of baby girl clothes to our neighbor for her baby grand daughter who's arriving in September. She was overjoyed- this is her first grandchild and can't wait to see the new little one.

I have been looking at reusable bags/containers on Etsy for our family, and finally decided what to get. While I love the soft snack/sandwich bags, its not practical for our family at this stage in our lives. I will go through the hard cases we already own, and replenish those. We'll use the totes we have for lunch sacks-since they can hold the Sigg-style water bottles.

A summer day is upon us, I wonder what adventures await. I think a picnic and bike ride are on the agenda for the morning. We shall see where the day takes us.

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