Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer continued....

Summertime is cruising by, faster than I thought it would. The kids and I have been going full steam most the time-but have had our share of laid back days too. Lately we've been getting in the groove of canning-first blueberries, then tomato sauce, and yesterday we canned peaches. Its always more fun with friends, and the kids have grown accustomed to traveling back and forth between our friends homes. I wish there was a pause button somewhere-its been so much fun, and doing activities that are so simple. We've been blessed with so much-and I'm learning everyday the value of friendship and teamwork.

It hit me yesterday-I could actually verbalize that I was happy with my life-and that I've worked really hard to get where I'm at-and where my family is at. Parenthood and life is far from perfect-but my friend Heather tells me-nothing ever is-and anyone that says otherwise is just lying to themselves. There's always a sense of imbalance-or seesawing-that takes place-right now-its just the matter of the ebb and flow, the current, the amount of upheaval- it makes the difference between rolling with the punches and soaking up the journey, and getting caught in a storm. Nine out of ten times I would think everything is great-but to be able to say it aloud (and that's normally not my style) is huge. There are the down times-but its how I face them that I want to remember-they give me perspective, gain wisdom, provide teachable moments.

I want the kids to hear me say I'm proud of them-of us-not just think I am. I want to laugh-not just giggle-but full on laugh-and that's happened a lot this summer. I'd like to think my kids have something to do with that. The event that happened last was Elijah got ahold of a marker, and drew all over himself-he thought that was hilarious. I did too. It was quite funny, especially when he drew in a mustache and beard.

Life is beautiful and messy, chaotic and busy. We have our moments/hours/days of slow time, but this season of our life is busy-and spending time together, is so very nice.

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