Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Sunday

You know you're a die hard couponer when you get the itch to go to the store the night before when the deals for the next day are already posted. was a rough night (ha-we spent it at the concert and fair, so definitely not rough!) but this morning I went out with Rebecca and went down to CVS. I'm just going to post what I shared on Penny Pinchin Mom since I'm so darned proud of myself (and for getting the hang of rolling the deals!) For the skeptics who say-do you really need this, or that, or why bother buying something if you don't need it-because I donate it-and groups appreciate donations, especially when certain items are hard to come by, or are otherwise expensive for those who are already strapped. I already had ECBs (extra money) from last week, so reapplied them and kept my out of pocket expense down. As far as wondering what my total OOP expense is every month-it goes along w/ our food/grocery budget, so when that money is gone, its gone. The key is I'm getting more for our doller, per dollar that I spend, than the average consumer. I'm no extreme couponer, just someone who has fun saving money and blessing others.

In other news, more important news, I finally uploaded a ton of pictures from the past month-peach picking, zoo, hanging out with family and friends, day trips, our 4th of July celebration, our Cow Appreciation day costumes, and so much more! I will post those later this week-when I get to it. Our children keep me busy and I'm blessed to live this life. It may be crazy sometimes, but I am so grateful to have what is important to me.

For those curious about the deal at CVS, here it is :)

I have a better scenario, if you have ECB’s already.

First transaction

4 lumene eye make up remover @5.98 each (use 4 $4 coupons)
3 John freida full repair item @ 7.79 (use 3 $5 coupons)

starburst candy (used CVS $2 off skittles/starburst bag of candy coupon)

use $4 off $20 ECB that comes this week when you swipe your card (before buying).

pay 4.36 out of pocket included tax, received $15 in ECB

Transaction #2
Balance bar 1.69
Multipurpose solution 7.99

one lollipop .50 (used because of not meeting $10 threshold prior to tax)

use $10 ECB from transaction #1, and pay .82 out of pocket.

I then received the 1.69 and $7.99 EBC for the balance bar and solution.

Grand total 5.18 oop, and $14.68 in ECBs for next week :)

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